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Greta is Finer’s turn-key solution making electrical boating available for everyone. The 470 cm long boat has been developed to remind users of the classical boat found at almost every Finnish summer house.


Coming autumn -21



You don´t have to be big to make a difference

Greta is Finers’ first ready to use solar electric boat. She has been designed from the start to be a solar electric boat, and is not an old combustion powered boat that has been converted to solar electric use. This means that she is optimized for the solar electric drivetrain and this is also the main reason why she has such superior performance.


One of the main design features that enables the high performance of Greta is her light hull. The whole boat only weighs 75kg, when you add the motor, battery and solar panels the total weight is 150kg. Of these 150kg, 60kg comes from the battery, which is placed in the middle of the boat, down in the keel. This gives an extremely stable boat, which will surprise most first time users.


Another very visible design feature is the front deck. As Greta is powered 100% by solar power, you need a certain amount of surface area for solar panels to make this possible. On Greta this has been solved by a front deck that is largely covered by solar panels to give her the energy needed. Below the front deck you also get large volumes of dry storage, that is not common for a boat this size.


Solar panels are often seen as fragile components that need to be handled with care. This is not true for Finers’ solar panels that are found on Greta. You can sit on them, walk on them, use them as storage areas or whatever you want. They do not not need any more care than a deck made of glass fiber. The only thing to keep in mind is to clean them every now and then so the efficiency is kept as high as possible.


Greta is a very versatile boat that can find use in various applications. She is perfect as a transport vehicle to and from your summer house, with her range of 20 nautical miles, you do not have to be afraid of running out of power. Her large front deck also works great as a casting deck and Greta is a superb companion to all fishermen. Thanks to her stability, you don’t have to be afraid to stand on the front deck, which is very unique for a boat this size. This feature also helps when entering or exiting the boat, the stability of Greta is supreme.

For those who just want to enjoy nature the front deck can also be used as a sun deck, as it is over 2m long, there is plenty of room to stretch out and just enjoy the quiet ride on the open waters.


Safety is also one thing that has been kept in mind during the whole design process.

Greta has a double bottom and floatation tanks, which makes her unsinkable. Greta also comes with an automatic bilge pump as standard, so the probability of her being filled with water is extremely low, but if this for some unforeseen reason happens you don’t have to worry, as she will float even though she is filled with water.


Greta is a very versatile and safe boat that will make both you, your family and friends happy and not to forget our environment, who thank you for going to a more sustainable boating solution.


You don´t have to be big to make a difference

Finer is a modern company with a Lean organization that only sees opportunities and no problems. Development is happening fast and soon you will hopefully see a Finer solution in your own marina. Follow us on our journey making environmentally friendly boating affordable and easy to use.

- Emil Finne, CEO and founder



Your fishing buddy

Foldable boat that fits in a Volkswagen Passat trunk. Perfect for fishing, hunting or is you just find a nice lake that you want to explore by boat. The boat is foldable, with everything you need in it. It fits two grown men and weighs only around 60kg.

Key specs

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  • L.O.A 3.54 m (10,3')
  • Lenght (Hull) 4.50 m (9,3’)
  • Beam 4.50 m (9,3’)

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