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Greta - You don´t have to be big to make a difference

Greta is Finer’s turn-key solution making electrical boating available for everyone. The 470 cm long boat has been developed to remind users of the classical boat found at almost every Finnish summer house . This environmentally friendly boat is designed to move silently in the water with minimum hydrodynamic resistance and she is built with the best available material to save weight and maximize strength. 

Cathy - Your fishing buddy

coming autumn -21

As society is moving towards a more sustainable future, the boating industry is also headed in the same direction. Every year you can see more electrical boats out on the waters and more manufacturers turning towards an electrical future. The big benefits of the electrical boat is its silence and zero emissions. The downside is usually the high price and limited range of the boat. When going out on a longer trip you also have to plan your pit stops very well, to make sure there is a charging infrastructure available.


Finer wanted to solve these issues, and build boats that are affordable, available, easy to use and completely independent from a charging infrastructure. Finers boats are all self sufficient with no need for external charging, and in optimal conditions their range is unlimited, with zero operating costs.


It has never before been as easy to turn to electrical boating!

Follow Finer on our journey of revolutionising the boating industry, while we all help to protect our environment.

About us

Finer is the brainchild of two entrepreneurs who wanted to combine their different skill sets to create a company that provides easy to use, affordable and environmentally sustainable solutions for new on-water experiences.


We wanted to create a sustainable electrical boat, available for all. So, we created Greta! She can easily go for 20 nautical miles with a speed of 4 knots, no external charging. All our boats are handcrafted in the small coastal town, Pietarsaari.

Out mission

We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to drive around the waters with an electric boat.

Instead of sitting around and watching from the side, we have chosen to try to fix the problem. For this to be possible, the supply of electric boats must be better. We have therefore chosen to make durable, affordable, neat boats that are easy to use. By reducing the number of boats that run on fossil fuels, we pull our straw to the pile to preserve Mother Earth. Our electric boats have no emissions at all, are charged on solar energy and are useful for many different purposes.

We want to change the view of how boats are used today and make it more environmentally friendly and fun!

News about Finer

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